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a walk to wurstkuche for beers Everyone tune in! The episode of Last Man Standing that I'm in, airs tmrw 8pm on abc! DiarioMurphy Nocturno: Nunca falta un ruido que despierta cuando estamos agarrando sueñito. Here I go, doin' some message surfin'/'messagestream' browsin' to find out what I've missed...A lot, I know...

Thanks for the NYC hotel recommendations everyone, keep 'em coming. Vamos fazer contagem de fã clubes da Restart ? Dê RT Appreciate those who have hurt you, because they strengthen your heart Heading off to see Kanye West and Jay Z in concert at Staples center in LA. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! earlychristmaspresent oi, sou um fc novo. Me ajuda a divulgar?

"Angry Birds" is a best-marketing game app for mobile devices in which angry birds must used to destroy pigs around some collection of levels. In the "Rio" motion picture tie-in edition of the game, viewers who watched the motion picture's commercial throughout the 2 website11 Super Bowl were given a special cure: the possibility to find extra top secret golden egg in the game. The clue pointed viewers to a particular level that needed to be played in order to unlock this special reward.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


1 Go to the degree selector and choose level 13-12.

2 Place dual fingers a few inches apart on your screen. Take your fingers together to zoom outside and reveal the entire gaming region.

4 Fire your white bird increase plus to the left instead of to the right. Release the white bird's egg through pressing on the screen; do this when your white bird is with series by means of the middle of the left-hand slope of the bird-firing platform. The egg will drop out of the sky and hit your remaining birds, producing a golden egg.


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