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This is a list of viral marketing ideas that you can implement to generate traffic:

  • Treasure hunt- hold a scavenger hunt (Internet or real world).
  • Easter egg- create an a secret application, game, or video within your website or product and leak the access information to the public.
  • Video Puzzle - create a short video where the user has to identify 10 hidden things. This video can be distributed via the Internet (e.g. YouTube).
  • Mystery - develop an online mystery, which visitors can participate in and help solve - ideally a scenario where there's power in numbers.
  • Challenge a friend - create an online game where people can challenge each other.
  • Tell a secret - if you're launching a product or about to offer a discount, tell a few blabber-mouths or forums.
  • Create a widgets - a plugin that other people can use on their site or blog.
  • Build teams - a game in which you allow people to build teams by recruiting friends. Once the team is built you can compete against other teams. The teams can keep building. The game itself is irrelavent; however, there needs to be an incentive for people to build a large team. The bigger the group, the stronger the team. Participants should want to invite people onto their team because they can help them secure a higher score (based on the results of the game, not just how many people are on the team. Perhaps if someone on your team gets the highest score, your entire team wins. Or the team captain and the team mate with the highest score both win a prize. This gives everybody the incentive to start their own team, but doesn't discourage you from playing for someone elses team.
  • Benefit through friend- if you invite a friend and they accomplish a set task, you both benefit. For example, offers this deal: "You can invite your friends to make lenses just for your group! If a friend signs up as a new lensmaster and makes $15, you and she both get a $5 bonus."