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According to the Fair Credit Reporting Behave, a buyer is entitled to a free copy regarding his credit record out of each of the three major credit-reporting agencies once a year. This means you don't require to pay for services exactly to understand what is on your credit report.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


Things You'll Need

Your Social Security number Your driver's license number The name of your mortgage holder Some list regarding your creditors

Recommend Edits

1 Go to and verify your identity from answering questions pertaining to your history.

2 Look down the page to the section headlined "Start Here to View and Print Your Credit Statement Now." Make use of the dropdown box under the headline to choose the express you live from and click on "Request Report."

3 Fill with all of the fields with the required information. If you are troubled about security, appear at the address bar of your browser and check to be guaranteed that the URL starts through "https". The "s" signifies that the connection is secure also info encrypted to avoid anyone out of watching your info.

5 Choose one about the three major credit reporting agencies to deliver your record. This will take you to the agency's website, where your request will be processed. You will be capable to return to this page later via a link at the bottom of your screen.

6 Answer any questions the company asks you. The multiple-preference questions will be about your financial history that only you could answer. When you are finished, you should be able to view your credit report generated through that agency.

7 Return to by clicking on the "Go Back" button on the bottom regarding the page. You can go by way of the process again or return later to receive your report away from extra agency .

Tips & Cautions

Check your credit records regularly to understand that information stays present and is correct.

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Experian Equifax TransUnion website8