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Creating your own Facebook application can open up a number of seeding and advertising opportunities. Here are some of the ways you can use your application to get notices:

  1. Invitations - this viral feature allows users of your application to invite their friends to install the application. Facebook has limited it to 20 per day. Just asking your users to send invitations is not enough. You must make it compelling. (see why ideas spread)
  2. Profile Box - your application can appear in the users profile. The key is to make sure that your profile box design is interesting enough that people will want to keep it in their profile, and engaging enough to new users so that they will want to install the application.
  3. Mini Feed - give you the opportunity to post information in a user's mini feed regarding their engagement with your applications.
  4. News Feed - by developing feed templates in your application, your feed items can be  grouped together and viewed by users who don’t have the app installed. Basically, your friends don't have to have the application installed to see your app’s feed items in their News Feeds.
  5. Notifications - you can send out notifications to your users regarding new features, activities, etc. Be careful not to send too many of these. Facebook keeps track of how many you send and assigns applications a "spamminess" rating.
  6. Application Directory - every application is listed in Facebook's directory. Make sure you develop engaging graphics and copy for the listing and the About page.

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