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There are many SEO factors that can influence a web page's ranking on a search engine.



  • Title Tag - place the desired keywords or phrase in the title tag of each web page. 
  • Age of Site - this doesn't refer to the date that the domain was registered. Search engines look at the launch of indexable content.
  • Body Text - keywords used in the visible body text.
  • Keywords - whenever practical, avoid targeting more than 2 keywords on a page. Include it 2-3 times for every 200 words of content. Higher on the page is better
  • Formatting - Use H1-H3 headings and include the keyword. Occasionally format keyword in bold, italics, and list tags.
  • Image Tag Alt and Title Attributes - this piece of code make images accessible to search engines. Content placed in these sections should be descriptive and to the point.
  • Page size- overall page size is not a big factor; however, breaking a large page into smaller pages allows you to have unique title tag. Therefore you can better target specific keywords.  It is advised to have 200 to 1000  words per page. 
  • Links - internal and external links (quality and quantity) play an important role in search engine optimization. 

Title Tags

  • Every page should have unique title tag.
  • Repeat the targeted keyword 1-2 times within the title.
  • Place your keywords as close to the beginning as possible.
  • Try to have the keywords in the same order as someone might type them in the search.
  • A Title Tag is what seach engines display in their search results, so make it attractive to the human folks.

Internal Links

  • Internal Link Popularity - the number and importance of internal links pointing to the target page.
  • Relevance of Inbound Link- relationship between the sites/pages linking to the target page and the target keyword.
  • Anchor Text- keyword text links that link to other optimized pages on your website.

External Links

  • Global Link Popularity - the overall link weight/authority of the websites that are linking to your website (quality and quantity).
  • Link Popularity of Site - link weight/authority of the target website amongst its competitors.
  • Popularity of Linking Sites - how popular are the sites that are linking to you. The better the linking site, the better the link.
  • External Link Relevance - how relevant is the site linking to your page. Is it about the same topic?


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