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While every American is titled to federal bankruptcy protection, the state you live in helps determine if you qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Due to changes implemented through the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Play of 2 website website5, high-income debtors may now be disqualified from filing for Chapter 7. Within Arizona, you should have any income below the Arizona express median income for a household regarding your size within purchase to avoid any presumption regarding misuse of the bankruptcy process inside your case.

Difficulty: Challenging


1 Assemble all of your financial documents. To decide if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Arizona, you will need an accurate accounting about your income and expenses.

2 Count the number regarding people from your household. For insolvency objectives, the number about persons in your home means you, your spouse, also your dependent youngsters.

3 Verify the newest figures for the median income about households of your size on Arizona. The U.S. Trustee Program publishes the present figures on its internet site.

4 Complete Parts I, II and III of federal insolvency Form 22A, recognized whereas the "means check." Compute your average monthly income over the previous six months, then annualize this amount. Compare your yearly income to the median Arizona annual income for a home about your dimension. As of November 1, 2 website1 internet site, median incomes were $41,915 for any single-person home, $54,51 website with some dual-person household, $58,696 with any three-person household plus $66, website3 website to a 4-person household. If your income yous below the appropriate threshold, you might check the box labeled "The presumption does not arise" on the form and proceed together with filing your petition.

5 Complete sections IV, V, VI and VII of Variety 22A. If you make not fall underneath the acceptable median income as determined by Parts I, II plus III about Style 22A, you must complete the rest about the style. Provide accurate figures because to your monthly expenses, like as transportation and health-attention costs. Follow the instructions on the form to compute the amount of funds you have left throughout after expenses on a monthly basis.

7 File your bankruptcy petition. If you are able to check the box labeled "The presumption does never arise" on Form 22A, you qualify to Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona. If you checked the box labeled "The presumption arises," you are all the same allowed to file for Chapter 7 insolvency, nevertheless the U.S. Trustee will examine your petition and may dismiss your case. If you cannot file for Chapter 7, you may be capable to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is essentially a repayment plan.

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