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Just the Juicy Bits

The Internet is full of marketing blogs, magazines, podcasts and websites offering valuable marketing advice in overwhelming quantities. Wham! is a wiki that you can use to condense this information into useful marketing lists. It's a great way to organize and store your marketing knowledge. The goal is to collaboratively create the ultimate collection of how-to lists for marketers.

After logging into your Wham! account, you'll have the ability to create and edit any list. Making a list is easy, quick, and we dare say good for your karma...really. Here is the beautiful part. Once you post information on Wham!, the rest of the community can help improve it. There's only one rule: No filler. Just the juicy bits. View lists| Why join?


  1. How To Remove Bad Press From Internet ‎(109,734 views)
  2. Improving AdWords Quality Score ‎(80,281 views)
  3. Using YouTube Videos for Viral Marketing ‎(73,015 views)
  4. SWOT Analysis ‎(56,540 views)
  5. Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys ‎(55,055 views)
  6. Marketing in Forums ‎(49,767 views)
  7. Rules for Viral Marketing ‎(44,256 views)
  8. Creating Powerpoint Slides ‎(41,985 views)
  9. Creating a Customer Persona Profile ‎(40,098 views)
  10. List of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas ‎(32,055 views)

Marketing with YouTube - Learn all the trick and techniques you need to know to produce and successfully market viral marketing videos on YouTube. 

Adwords Optimization - Learn how to improve a campaign's performance by optimizing your Quality Scores. This list will help you increase ad position and lower minimum bid prices.

FEATURED SITE - Through research, experience, and occasional opinions, this blog explores how you can use viral marketing to get past personal barriers and filters that people use to shield themselves from crafty little marketers like us. Visit blog