List of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

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This is a list of some guerrilla marketing ideas that you can borrow or use as inspiration:

  1. Branded Magnet:  If possible, send a branded fridge magnet with every order or sign up. Think of it as a cheap billboard on your customers fridge. Next time your customer has a house party,  your branded magnet will be in the busiest room.
  2. Act of kindness: Pre-pay a fee (like toll for car or entrance fee) and the employee of the business to give your business card to visitors and say that you paid the fee.
  3. Award Nomination: Find as many awards as you can to nominate yourself for. Once you're nominated, advertise it with a press release. Prospects love "award winners
  4. "Customer of the Month" awards: Present awards to customers. First of all customers like attention. You can use this as an excuse for a press release, plus your winning customers will publicize it as well.
  5. 1 Cent Stamps: To get your direct mail opened, substitute the appropriate stamp with the necessary 1 cent stamps...that'll get their curiosity going.
  6. Lottery Tickets: Use lottery tickets as a thank you for a purchase, referral, or visit. The perceived value to the customer will be a lot more than what you paid for it.
  7. Picket your Business: Hire a young relative or student to protest your business. The key is to make sure they are protesting something that you want to advertise, such as unusually good customer service.
  8. Bribe with food: Bribe your local DJs with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The goal is to get yourself on the radio for free...almost free. Radio people love free food. M morning DJs often don't have enough time to get breakfast on the way to work.
  9. Beach Sand: Go to the beach and write your website URL in the sand...a few hundred times.
  10. Be the Prize:Connect with other businesses and offer your product or service as the prize.
  11. Advertising Competition: Run a competition where you offer free advertising on your website as the prize.
  12. Wear Your URL: Put your website's URL on a t-shirt or hat and hang out in areas where your target market hangs out.
  13. Library Books:  Put business cards, bookmark, or flyer in books that your demographic might read.
  14. Money:  Stamp or write a funny phrase along with your website URL on any paper money you can get your hands on.
  15. Sticky Notes: These little pieces of paper can be a great way to advertise your business. Stick them on cards, phone booths, business doors, etc.
  16. Window decals: Print a decal with your business name and URL and past it on your car. You can post it on your brake lights.
  17. Projector: Use a local wall or building to project your logo or URL every night.
  18. Hair Stylist: A lot of talking happens in Salons and Barber Shops. Drop by and offer the hair stylists some free food or your product. This generous gift will have them talking about you to all their customers.

Do you have a guerrilla marketing idea? Add it to the list.