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One way a company can improve sales is to increasing their current customers' consumption. The added benefit to doing it this way is that you prevent the likelihood of your competitors stealing them away. Below are some strategies and techniques you can use to increase your customers consumption:

  1. Stock up message - create messaging and incentive that encourages people to buy now for future use. This technique helps fight against competitors stealing your current customers.
  2. Bonus packs -  packages that contain extra content (e.g. 80% more shampoo).
  3. Bundle packs -bundle your product with another product in your inventory or with a partners product.
  4. Price promotions - customers can save on a brand they are already comfortable with through coupons, discounts, and rebates.
  5. Continuity programs - this includes things like loyalty reward programs and automatic subscription renewal.
  6. Special packaging - although the printing can be more costly, seasonal or topical packaging (i.e. Christmas, Easter, etc) can increase consumption.
  7. Premiums - tangible rewards or gifts that are available in the store or through mail.
  8. Point of purchase - store displays that are strategically placed near the register.
  9. Contest -encourages people to buy now so they can qualify for a sweepstakes or contest. They enter now and use the product later.
  10. Event- If your business has a slow time find out if there is anything going on that you can bring in that some of your customers are involved in - a group or club that needs a place to meet, a group of people who are trying to learn a new skill.
  11. Branded Magnet - if possible, send a branded fridge magnet with every order. Think of it as a cheap billboard on your customers fridge. 

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