How to develop a newsworthy pitch for the media.

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Finding the Angle

  • Monitor – pay attention to things in the media and what your reporters are following. Take the time each day to read local papers, listen to talk radio, etc. When there is a breaking news story, reporters are always looking for related stories. How does each story track back to you?
  • Independent Research – reach studies published by reputable sources. Find a way to make them relevant to your company or client.
  • Internal Research - conduct your own research or survey and share it with the media.  Contact your customers or mine your company data for interesting trends or insight.
  • Editorial Calendars – these documents let you know what the media outlet is planning for the next year. They are great for targeting your pitches.

Developing the Pitch

  • Research – Don’t give reporters research projects. Do the work before you pitch. Dig up stats and trends to support your story.
  • Experts - Find a third-party expert that can be interviewed. Offer them up as part of the pitch.
  • Customize - Never mass pitch a story idea. Try to customize each individual pitch.
  • Short – reporters’ time is valuable. Keep your pitch short. Make them concise.
  • Not Too Self-Serving – be careful that your pitch is not too self serving. Reporters are not interested in helping you promote your products or services. It needs to be newsworthy.
  • Pictures - Pitches with visuals often go to the front of the line. Just be careful of spam filters. A way around this are links to the photo.

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