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Using a Search-Optimized News Release

Here is how you use a search engine-optimized news release to promote the whitepaper:

  1. Create whitepaper - write a document that offers valuable tips and showcases your companies expertise (e.g. Top 10 Ways to Improve...).
  2. Identify Keywords -identified niche terms that would increase the chances of your white paper achieving high search engine rankings. Consider picking such a small niche, that you can play with words and quite rapidly go up in rankings. It's hard to quickly rank on the first page for very common keywords - too much competition.
  3. Write press release - craft a search engine optimized press release using keyword phrases from step 2. Use phrases often enough to be recognized by search engines, but  without being labeled spam by news sites.
  4. Design landing page - make a page to receive traffic from links placed within the press release. In addition to keyword rich content, you should consider having the following:
    • Hero shot of the whitepaper cover (which links to the PDF).
    • Headlinethat matches your press release.
    • Call to action that indicated registration is NOT required.
  5. Build download page - create a separate page for registration and downloading. It should have a link to download the white paper immediately, registration form to be notified of future whitepapers, and a link to existing white papers (if applicable).
  6. Submit to newswires - submit your press release to online distribution service that send press releases to news websites.

When everything is said and done, make sure you track your results. You can use services like Google to set up alert for your niche key phrase contained within your press release.


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