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General guidelines

  • Create focused lists. Try to break your lists into specific topics.
    • Good - "Marketing on Facebook"
    • Bad - "Great marketing techniques" (too general)
  • Try to correct other people's work instead of deleting it.
  • Summarize, don't plagiarize.

  1. Easy to scan - give each line a mini-title and bold it (the way this list is formatted).
  2. Short bullet titles - keep your mini-titles mini. It's hard to scan a sentence. Try to keep the bullet titles to about 3 words.
  3. Descriptive but short - try to keep it short. It's a list not an article. Just the juicy bits.
  4. Use bullets or numbers - stay away from paragraphs and divide your thoughts into points.
  5. References - If possible, give credit to your source by creating a "Reference" section at the bottom of the list. This way you can keep your bullets short while still providing a way to access more detail.

Editing lists

  1. Log into your Wham! account.
  2. Go to the list you want to edit.
  3. Click on the "Edit List" button in the right-hand column.
    • The interface is designed to look and work like a typical word processing program; however, if you're familiar with the Wikitext language, you can switch to it at any time. You can also select it as the preferred way of editing by customizing your account preferences.

New list

  1. Log into your Wham! account.
  2. Click the "Add List" button (right side of the website).
  3. Click the sub-category you want to build the list in.
  4. Enter a descriptive (but short) title for your list in the field labelled "What is the name of your new list?"
  5. Once you've come up with a short and descriptive title, simply hit the "Create List" button.
  6. Write your list.
  • Do not delete the category link (i.e. "Category: Viral Marketing"). This indexes the list into a specific category. However, feel free to edit it or add more categories to it.
NOTE: Before you create a new list, please search our website for lists that resemble the kind of information you want to build.  Why start from scratch? You can expand existing list or create a link to your complimentary list.

Formatting Section Headlines

When dividing a list into sections, please use the paragraph Format menu, instead of the "bold" option, to emphasis headlines. By doing this, you will automatically create an "edit" link for each specific section. As a result, Wham! members can use these types of links to edit specific sections.


Need additional help?

If you have an additional question or an idea of how we can improve Wham!, please don't hesitate to send us an email.