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With millions of active users, Facebook can be an unintrusive way to connect with your demographic. Here are the free opportunities you have to market on Facebook.

  1. Profile Page -this is the foundation to marketing on Facebook. Because of Facebook culture of transparency, your profile should revolve around you, not the company. You will act as its ambassador.
  2. Groups - join or create your own groups that are related to what you do. It's a great place to have a conversation with your customers about your brand. You can create as many groups as you'd like. Features include :
    • place for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links
    • send news and updates to group members, which arrive in their Facebook inbox
    • group members can send invites to their friends to join the group
  3. Pages -  it's a place for a business to establish a brand presence on Facebook. It's similar to the Groups section; however, there are a few differences. Features include:
    • place for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links.
    • send news, event invitations, and updates to "fans" of your page, which arrive in their Facebook inbox.
    • customizable with HTML, Flash, and Facebook applications.
    • are prominently referenced on your "fans" profile pages of your fans (this is a big one).
  4. Events - list any webinars, speaking engagements, or events your having. It even has an RSVP feature.
  5. Notes and Photos -use these features to share information and pictures with your friends about your product or service. If you have a blog or newsletter, you can syndicate it on your profile page. This way, every time you publish an article, it will automatically be displayed on your profile page.
  6. Messages - it's a great way to reach your friends and contacts.However, if you're caught SPAMMING, your account will be shot down.
  7. Marketplace - list your services and products for free. However, posting your ad in multiple networks, will cost you $1 per network per listing. All Marketplace responses are tied to real Facebook accounts. So, when you receive a response to your listing, you can see the respondent’s profile page even if they’re not your friend.
  8. Facebook Share - this Facebook feature allows you advertise any Group, Event, Photo, Link, or Application you want. Features include:
    • giving it real estate in your profile page
    • send information directly to your friends’ Inbox
  9. Networks -similar to Group, however, they are designed to group people into an Educational, Work, or Geographical network. Benefits include:
    • way to discover events, posted items, and marketplace listings
    • discussion forums and walls which any members can post to
  10. Mini Feed and News Feed - you can't post directly to the feeds; however, this feature archive your users’ engagement with your brand and syndicate it to their friends and networks via the Feed located on their page. Every time a users join your group, RSVP to your event, become a fan of your page, share your photos or does anything else with your brand, Facebook automatically adds a feed item to their Mini Feed.
  11. Information Section -list your website and employer in your profiles information section.
  12. Status Area -instead of mentioning the fact that you're doing something pointless, you can use this area to promote a project, website, or offer.

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