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In advertising agencies they say that "good clients get good advertising". What they mean by this is that clients that offer agencies lots of information receive better ads. One of the most important tools in becoming a good clients is to create a thorough creative brief:


General Info

  • Date
  • Project Contact
  • Project Name

Project Summary

Clear, concise description of project – keep brief.


  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • Please list your objectives in priority order. (Be sure your goals are achievable, concrete, and measurable.)


  • Who is the Primary Audience?
  • What, if anything, should be avoided in talking to this audience?
  • What, if anything, do they already believe?
  • Who is the secondary audience?

Key Message

  • If you could get one sentence through all the clutter, what would you want the creative to say about your product?
  • What other major points do you want to communicate?

Call to Action

What do you want the audience to do?

Key Benefits

What’s in it for the audience?

Barriers & Challenges

What can stop someone from buying?

Competitive Landscape

Discuss the competition & marketing realities.

Key Elements

  • Indicate any specific elements to be included (logos, key visual images, key words and phrases, key contact information, specific internet links etc.)
  • Are there existing pieces that this piece must work with?


  • What is the tone and manner; what are the overall personality traits the project must communicate?
  • Are there any existing pieces that this piece must work with?

Creative Kindling

Do you have any thought-starters or creative ideas for the project?

Media & Locations

  • How will this piece be delivered to the audience?
  • What quantities do you need to produce? (for printed pieces)
  • Where will this creative be distributed or placed?

Output Specs

Indicate size, paper type, need for a bleed, colour range, etc.

Project Timelines

  • When must the message get to the audience for maximum effect? (i.e., deadlines, events, etc.)
  • When must the creative be delivered?


How much money do you have to spend on this project?

For Further Discussion

Things that need to be discussed with the agency.

Additional Comments

Other general information.