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in × in

mm × mm

Int'l business card  

2⅛ × 3.37

53.98 × 85.6

US business card

2 × 3½

51 × 89


  • Don't use perforated business card sheets to print them yourself. Your business will look as cheap as they do.
  • Don't use a large font size for your address and contact info. This will only make it look amateur.
  • Unless your a real estate agent, don't put your face on them. 
  • Don't make metal business cards. They might look cool, but it'll be a hassle to bring them through airport security.
  • Cards with a big picture on the front are not cool...really.
  • Rounded edges are nice, but they're not worth the extra expense.

Creative Ideas

Here are some creative things you can put on your business card:

  • Special offer: Gift vouchers, promotion, or discount coupons
  • Mini Brochure: Print a summary of your goods or services. You can use an "A-frame" business card (ie. twice the size folded in half) for this idea
  • Survey: Use a business card to print a short survey. Might be a good idea to provide an incentive for doing the survey
  • Invitations:Use them as invitations to an event

Online Printers

Moo - design and print low-cost business cards online. These mini cards are smaller than the traditional cards; however, you can customize the back of each card with a different picture.

Overnight Prints - Print traditional cards. No extra charge for rounded corners.


"Business Card Mistakes" from Seth Godin's Blog