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With millions of active users, Facebook can be a great way to reach your demographic. Here are some opportunities Facebook offers to advertise on their network. They very in price and reach.



  • Social Ads - similar to banner ads, you can choose to pay on a CPC or CPM basis. You have the option to target by age, gender, geography, keywords, education, workplaces, political views, and relationship status. These ads can also be placed in the News Feeds.
  • Application Ad Network -application developers can make money of Facebook by hosting ads in their Facebook applications (similar to plugins). You can use these Facebook applications to advertise your brand. The cost is determined on a CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI (cost per installation) basis.


  • Application Sponsorships - directly contact application developers and try to negotiate a sponsorship deal. This way you can place a banner ad inside the application.
  • Group Sponsorship -You can sponsor and brand the look of a particular group...but for a very large price (starts at $100K).


  • Beacon - this program sends users information about the activities Facebook users do on your websites. This will allow you to get mentioned in Facebook's Mini Feed and News Feed. For example, eBay can use this program to send a feed to your profile feed that informs your friends that you just bought a camera on eBay. (details)
  • Polls - you can pay Facebook to help you conduct a marketing polls on anything you can imagine. You pay per response. With its large user base, you can have concrete results within hours. It's also a creative way to advertise.
  • Application development -if you have the resources or money, you can develop and brand your own Facebook application. Once you build it, there are numerous ways to use it to tap into the resources Facebook built. Check out this list of opportunities.

  • To learn about the free opportunities on Facebook, click here.